Intensive Italian for Gamers – giorni 9, 10 e 11


If you are curious about my Intensive Italian for Gamers course, Spanish grad student Lillian Jones is blogging about the experience!

Jonesy's Journey


Otto giorni since I have written about Italian 1200. Perché so many giorni have passed, and why have they passed so quickly? Perché that is what time does. It moves forward at its own pace. It is a constant pace, that oh 👆, human beings have set forth for us to keep our lives organized. Which I am totally fine with, of course. Being a mixture of mostly Welsh, German, and a wee bit o’ Swedish, I definitely love a good ol’ prompt time schedule. But the thing about time is that it keeps going, and if you are not on the time train, and swaddled in for the ride, then you may just get left behind. Perhaps you’ll catch ahold of the caboose with one hand, or even trot along the tracks with a satchel slung over your shoulder. Either way, the point is – to stay…

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Intensive Italian for Gamers – giorno 1


Lillian is a Spanish M.A. student who is taking my Intensive Italian for Gamers course this semester!

Jonesy's Journey

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14 lunedi, gennaio


This seems to be the magical word in Italian. It appears to be a powerful word, in such that it can open up a conversation, as well as bring it to a halt. ¡Ciao! seems to be able to control the mood of a conversation that could potentially take place, brought, or not brought on the essence of, in fact, itself.

I have been looking forward to this class for many reasons. My motivations for enrolling in the class were primarily the sheer joy of learning another language, and the culture enveloped in language. Secondly, I have heard and read many wonderful things about this specific class , in person from students who have previously taken the class, articles in the media, and fellow colleagues and faculty.  I will forever and always be a student and will never cease to take…

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